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Hi.Fall Out Boy. Believers never Die, Long Live the Car Crash Hearts and all that other good stuff. This blog is really just anything Fall Out Boy. Feel free to submit pictures, stories, experiences, anything FOB related.

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Oh boy. More lyrics for the new album, I bet.

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Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy after the show at the House Of Blues in Orlando, FL

Photo by Chris Martin | www.photosbychrismartin.com

*do not remove photo credit.

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What a Catch, Donnie will always break my heart. 

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My roommate made a compliation video of all Fall Out Boy video’s in order from Dead On Arrival to Save Rock And Roll. 

It’s so rad. It’s like a 2 hr movie. We’re watching it now. 

Can’t wait till Centuries comes out so he can add it.

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tribute art for Fall Out Boy's new single Centuries (1920x1200px)

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Some legends are told. Some turn to dust or to gold. We’ll go down in history.

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it’s coming…

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Pete Wentz on Monumentour

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