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Hi.Fall Out Boy. Believers never Die, Long Live the Car Crash Hearts and all that other good stuff. This blog is really just anything Fall Out Boy. Feel free to submit pictures, stories, experiences, anything FOB related.

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i dont know if i can ever get married because most of my heart belongs to fall out boy

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I’m sorry. But I couldn’t help it.
So sorry.

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i just feel bad for all those fob fans out there who have never heard of blue rabbits fucking before so when they hear patricks voice in that song they really believe it’s centuries 

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Fall Out Boy performing “Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner” at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA on July 20, 2004. I have some photos  from this show I’ll queue up now as well.

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Saw the Fall Out Boy today walking the Hollywood Blvd. #FallOutBoy #JimmyKimmelLive #hollywood #LA #california #usa #eua

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This isn’t the end friends. This is just the beginning of something new…

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Wentz cool, but


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8.31.14-Scranton, PA [x]

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