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Hi. I'm Paula. Die hard Fall Out Boy. Believers never Die, Long Live the Car Crash Hearts and all that other good stuff. This blog is really just anything Fall Out Boy. Feel free to submit pictures, stories, experiences, anything FOB related. Or just ask stuff.
My main blog is elpaulabear.

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[pretends not to know as much as i do about band members]

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May Joe Trohman get all the cake and love and presents and much deserved rest on this date of his birth.

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best cobracam.tv moments → 16/??

That time Patrick Stump pretended to be his phone’s answering machine so he wouldn’t have to talk to Gabe.

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Seeing Patrick Stump go from this


to this


gives me a lot of hope

i hate this post because it’s lowkey fat shaming fat patrick and i’m not into that

I think you’re reading too much into it, tho. It’s just more like little shy unblossomed Patrick to holy smokes sassy little dancer who blossomed into the most beautiful flower in all of the land.
However, if that was the point then whoever posted this was a jerk.
But I’d like to think that’s not that case.

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Fall Out Boy + wikipedia bios.

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